Jack & Beanstalk – Wonderful Story Board Book

ISBN : 9789350897645

Jack and the Beanstalk is a story of a poor boy who sells his cow for a handful of magic beans that grow into an enormous beanstalk. Brave Jack makes three trips up the beanstalk and each time he brings down treasures of the giant who lives in the sky. Featuring 12 pages of captivating illustrations, ‘Wonderful Story Board-Book – Jack and the Beanstalk’ tells the tale of a young adventurous boy.


• Beautifully illustrated
• Sturdy board book
• Attractive die-cut design
• Cute cover
• Fully-laminated pages

This classic retold tale with a cute die-cut presentation is sure to capture tiny tots’ interest, page after page, as they take their imagination on a magical journey. It is indeed to remain a favourite of children to read or listen to again and again.

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Product Details

Reading Age

3-5 Years

Print Length

12 Pages




24 X 18 X 0.75 cm


Board Book


Dreamland Publications