Kid’s 1st Activity – 5 Books Pack – Age 3+

ISBN : 9788184515879

Kid’s 1st Activity Books – a set of five books having essential early learning topics. Each book of this pack will enhance the basic understanding of children on various subjects viz. – Environment, Good Habits, Maths, English and IQ. Each activity of these books is full of educative and entertaining lessons.


• The book on Environment intents to help the child in understanding the nature and its beauty.
• The book on Good Habits aims to inculcate good etiquettes in children at a very young age.
• The book on Maths guides in learning the basic numerical concepts.
• The book on English focuses on introducing the child to alphabets and adding to his/her early vocabulary.
• The book on IQ will accelerate the logical and creative skills of the child.

Little learners will find this pack helpful as they learn important skills, good manners, recognise numbers and alphabets. The educational content of each book will introduce children to a wide range of topics and develop their basic concepts. Support of colourful pictures ensures easy understanding of each activity.

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Product Details

Reading Age

3-5 Years

Print Length

320 Pages




28 X 22 X 2.2 cm




Dreamland Publications