ABC Capital Letters Writing

ISBN : 9781730157752

Young children are every impressionable and it is every parents’s duty to guide them and teach them the right values and simple things. Education plays a vital role in every child’s journey. Children who are introduced to the English language at the right age take to the language like fish to water, and enjoy it a lot.


The ABC Capital Letters Writing, is a very interesting book and has been specially designed for pre-school kids. It introduces them to the alphabets in the English language. This book teaches them how to write the capital letters of the English alphabet. The book has very interesting and well-designed illustrations that hold the interest of the child and do not let him lose interest.

The pictures are well chosen and help in improving the child’s memory and visual skills tremendously. The book can be used by teachers and by parents, both. It has been published by Dreamland Publications, which is a much respected and well known name for children’s books.

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Product Details

Reading Age

0-2 Years

Print Length

16 Pages




28 X 22 X 0.3 cm




Dreamland Publications